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26 Things to Do in Rarotonga Aside from the Beach

14th January 2019

26 Things to Do in Rarotonga Aside from the Beach

By Rhonda Albom

Photography by

"Most visitors come here to relax at the beach, snorkel in pristine lagoons, and slow down to island time. However, there is more to this tiny island than just the beach. In fact, we found plenty of things to do in Rarotonga."

If you’re from New Zealand you probably already have a vision of this island paradise with its white sandy beaches, and water so crystal clear you have to wonder if it is there until a gentle wave brushes up against your toes. If you’re from North America, you may be about to discover a new utopia. It’s not just a tropical beach, as we discovered. 

From Cycling through our back roads, to visiting our beautiful Maire Nui gardens. Check out Rhonda's 26 other things to do in Rarotonga here

Rhonda Albom is the primary author and photographer at Albom Adventures. She is an American expat based in New Zealand. She travels the world with husband, and sometimes with their teenage daughters. Her hobbies include yacht racing, photography, and volunteering with Girl Guiding.


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