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The 'Cuttings' of Mangaia

Mangaia is the southernmost island in the Cook Islands. Here you will find incredible serene beauty, from rugged coastline to the lush green interior. Leading into the interior of the island are pathways that have been cut into the fossilised coral. These are known in Mangaia as 'Cuttings'.

Along the coastal road of Mangaia there are certain roads that lead inland, to what the locals call ‘upstairs’ (the island's interior). 
As written by Florence Syme-Buchanan, “these are pathways cutting through giant cliffs of makatea". Makatea is the fossilised coral that creates the rugged topography of the island.

According to legend, the pathways “were created to provide a quick escape route during times of tribal warfare”.

Oneroa 'cutting'

The most famous ‘cutting' is found in the village of Oneroa. Driving through the one-way road, one must beep or toot to caution any on-coming vehicles. According to Ewan Smith, this "cutting though near-impenetrable was breached in 1951, using surplus explosives from World War 2." Thus enabling locals easy access by vehicle to the islands fertile interior.

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