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Cook Islands Specialists

If you need any help with bringing your travel plans together, get in touch with a Travel Specialist/Agent who has visited the Cook Islands.

Name Province Phone Number Email
Amanda Morrison AB 403-277-6884 [email protected]
Andree Schier AB 403-270-4414 [email protected]
Angelica Arar AB 780-476-3395 [email protected]
Jason Webb AB 403-270-4414 [email protected]
Norman Malbog AB 403-926-5894 [email protected]
Sawyer Asmundson AB 403-270-4414 [email protected]
Trish Delisle AB 780-589-3696 [email protected]
Vanessa Lloyd AB 780-438-0627 [email protected]
Yvonne Anderson AB 403-255-3173 [email protected]
Dana McGregor BC 604-717-1749 [email protected]
Jane Osborne BC 604-742-0777 [email protected]
Lori Mezzomo BC 604-742-0777 [email protected]
Sue Bottrill BC 604-669-6607 [email protected]
Susan Small BC 604-792-4696 [email protected]
Natalie Schillberg MB 204-987-2846 [email protected]
Tamara Macintosh MB 204-885-0618 [email protected]
Emma Woodward ON 416-322-1034 ext 5367 [email protected]
Georgia Sibley ON 800-387-8850 [email protected]
Michelle Streicher ON 613-507-2869 [email protected]
Natalie Jurcic ON 800-387-8850 [email protected]
Rochelle Vierus ON 800-387-8850 [email protected]
Stephanie Coleman ON 905-597-4329 [email protected]


We've got your details and we'll be in touch soon.