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The spectacular natural beauty of a little paradise is more than just stunning beaches. Breathtaking jungle-clad mountains of the interior cascade to the sea, like Jurassic Park without the dinosaurs. Step back in time to find a paradise refreshingly undeveloped. Lush green vegetation everywhere, warm locals in simple yet colourful houses and no building taller than a coconut tree, it’s like Hawaii 50 years ago.

From tropical jungle to mountain peaks to manicured gardens with cafés, exploring inland is so easy. Only 32 kms around, takes just 45 minutes to circle the island by scooter or car. Or for a more laidback island tour, delight in the simple joy of jumping on a local bus and getting a light-hearted commentary of the sites whizzing past from the driver. 

Guided tours

Adventure seekers will love getting off the beaten track with a variety of inland adventure tours: from buggies, quad bikes and 4WD to eco cycle tours with storytelling from local guides. For those with energy to spare, there are even combat games, golf and mini-golf courses to enjoy.


Cycling is a great way to experience the freedom of the island. Choose from guided mountain bike treks through challenging terrain or simply hire some wheels and discover at your own speed.

(Images below are courtesy of Storytellers Eco Cycle Tours)


A must do for hikers is the ‘Cross Island’ trek on Rarotonga. Either self-guided or with traditional medicine man ‘Pa’, visitors will be taught about local medicinal plants, flora and fauna. This and a range of other unaccompanied treks require a good degree of fitness, but should not be attempted without first informing others of your intentions. Maps are available. Click here for more information. 


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