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Atiu Tours - Anatakitaki Kopeka Bird Caves

A must to see!!! An unforgettable experience!! A national environmental treasure!! The Anatakitaki Caves are home to the Kopeka Birds, unique to Atiu. This swift like bird nests deep within the caverns and navigates in the dark by using an echo locating series of clicks.


The magnificent, towering limestone caverns have huge stalactites reaching to the cavern floor and massive stalagmites that sparkle in the light. It is breathtaking and attracts film crews from around the world!!!


Enjoy a challenging walk through untouched tropical rain forest with your experienced guides. Hear the legend of Inutoto and Tangaroa and learn of the flora and fauna found in the makatea (raised coral) surroundings. Bring your swimwear and enjoy a breathtaking candle-lit swim in the artesian water pool.


NB. Strong non-slip footwear is essential for this tour. Cave lights supplied. Transfers included.


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