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Things to do - Snorkelling

Things to Do

Underwater, on the water or deep into our lush tropical landscape, the freedom and ease of exploring a little paradise is what sets us apart in the South Pacific. Lagoon cruises, fishing, diving, guided mountain hikes, storytelling cycling tours, buggies, quadbikes or 4WD trips inland – we’ve got it all. The diversity of our breathtaking natural terrain means you can craft your ideal itinerary. Fast or slow? Laidback, culturally enriching or full throttle adrenaline? The only limit is how you choose to define your perfect holiday.


Aitutaki Day Tour

Aitutaki Day Tour - one unforgettable day... Spectacular... Sublime...


Punarei Cultural Tours

A unique opportunity to learn about our ancient culture, lost identity, legends and traditional ways of our ancestors.


Sailing Aitutaki

Sails away and discover the wonders of our splendid lagoon..


Wet & Wild Water Tours

Water sports, fishing, boatcharters best time you will have in and on the water


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