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Island nights

No visit is complete without an ‘Island Night’ cultural show for an unforgettable experience. Available at a variety of resorts and cultural centres on Rarotonga, Aitutaki and Atiu, they are a wonderful evening where passionate locals share our history and traditions through music, song, dance and food. Highly entertaining and fun for everyone, especially when the crowd participates in our traditional dance moves.

Island Nights in Rarotonga

A highlight for visitors are the exhilarating performances at cultural villages like Te Vara Nui and Highland Paradise Culture Centre or by local dance teams during the island nights staged around Rarotonga by the resorts and hotels. Delicious buffet meals featuring favourite local dishes like ika mata (marinated raw fish salad) are included in the island night packages. There are also the island nights where an umu kai is featured. This buffet style feast of food cooked in a traditional earth oven or umu is a wonderful experience. Refer to the schedule below for island night experiences in Rarotonga. 

Highland Paradise  Te Vara Nui Village Highland Paradise Te Vara Nui Village Highland Paradise Te Vara Nui Village
  The Islander Muri Beach Club Hotel Crown Beach Resort   The Edgewater Resort & Spa
  The Edgewater Resort & Spa       The Islander

Click here to download a Rarotonga Island Nights schedule.  

Dates and times are subject to change. 


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