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Atiu Tours - Marshall's Discovery Island Tour

Marshall’s Discovery Island Tour is an eco- friendly, visitor aware, tour ensuring your Atiu adventure is memorable.


Meet Marshall – the Englishman ‘Gone Troppo’ - living the authentic Polynesian dream with his artist wife Jéanne whose father is the well known Tom Neale of Suwarrow.


Some will tell you the island has no beaches to speak of, but that's far from true. Undiscovered, secluded bone, white sand beaches invite you into their crystal clear water teeming with rich sea life.


The island offers wonderful scenery - drives through un-traveled shady roads and thick untouched tropical rain forest with ancient majestic trees that stand tall providing a home to splendid flora & fauna. View significant sights including a Marae, Captain Cook’s Landing, the Sink Holes and the Coral Gardens.


Atiu is pro-active in conservation. Hear about Takutea Island – the sanctuary - under the protection of Atiu’s leaders, the Rimatara Lorikeet and Kakerori bird programmes. Between July & October scan the sea for a thrilling sighting of the Humpback whales.


Marshall genuinely cares about Atiu & its warm hearted people, their captivating history and customs. A wealth of information combined with humor and stories of his life on Atiu is not to be missed.


Shell collecting, body surfing or an unforgettable, leisurely soak in pristine water work up an appetite. Relax & enjoy a tropical picnic on a beach in paradise – even the Lonely Planet guide sings the praises of his renowned banana muffins!


NB. The food & transfers are included in this tour.


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