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Te Mire Ura - Dancer of the Year

Poetry in motion is a euphemism made literal in Polynesia, no truer than when the annual Dancer of the Year competition is held each April.

Te Mire Ura - Dancer of the Year | 26th April - 9th May 2019

Dozens of dancers in three age groups, junior, intermediate and senior open, take to the stage at nightspots on Rarotonga and the outer islands. Finals are then held at the 2,000 seat National Auditorium in Rarotonga under the direction of the Ministry of Cultural Development. There is also a Golden Oldies, Expats & Visitors category that gives our elders and visiting tourists a chance to show-off their talents. 

An entertaining evening watching the finals at the auditorium sees the mingling of locals and tourists filling the place up, packed out with kids - every dancer of the year is every kid's idol until the next year. Winners are chosen on criteria such as costume, choreography and degree-of-difficulty.

This is a fun event that is always competitive and always an entertaining and enlightening spectacle for visitors. 

2019:     26th April - 9th May
2020:     24th April - 7th May  
2021:     23rd April - 6th May


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