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Live Like a Local

Learn the Polynesian way of life in these remote, yet accessible outer islands. But remember: seeking "live like a local" experiences entail accepting challenges, such as limited modern conveniences and sometimes delays in communication. But that's part of the adventure!


Atiu's tradtional name is Enua Manu-the land of the birds. The island is home to the kopeka, a bird you won't find anywhere else in the world, which nests in its sprawling subterranean caves. Atiu is for travellers interested in adventure and the outdoors, with its underground worlds and cliffs and jungles and pig hunts. It's a place where boredom is not an option.

Experience Atiu from above and in 360°

Take a virtual tour through an island of rugged beauty and ancient intrigue.

  • Atiu Map
  • Responsive Map

Atiu Accommodations

Choose a place to rest and re-fuel for your next adventure.

Atiu Villas

Atiu Villas are unique chalet style villas made almost entirely of local native timbers and are located on the outskirts of the central village.

Atiu Getaway with Air Rarotonga

Discover nature’s special island - Atiu Island also known as ‘Enuamanu’ - the Island of the Birds.


On Mangaia, the oldest island in the Pacific, the past comes to life. Ancient systems of managing resources has survived into the present. You'll find the history of fishing and planting, both for subsistence and for export, in landscapes and in locals' stories. From breathtaking visits you'll feel the gratitude ancient discoverers of this Polynesia felt when they arrived 18 million years ago.

Experience Mangaia from above and in 360°

Take a tour of the plantations and coves of an ancient island.

  • Mangaia Map
  • Mangaia map

Mangaia Accommodations

Experience the local life but rest in modern, well kept, and family-owned facilities.

Babes Place

Babes Place comprises of 4 basic units, each fitted with only a queen and single bed, own private toilet, and shower with hot and cold running water.

Mangaia Villas

We are Mangaia's newest accommodation and only waterfront villas. Family owned and operated!

Mangaia Getaway with Air Rarotonga

Discover one of the oldest islands in the South Pacific, Mangaia Island.


Mauke is an epicenter of peace and beauty. Here, you have the beaches and gardens and vistas to yourself. The island's old name, Akatokamanava, translates as "where my heart rests." If you're looking to de-stress and detox from the busy-ness of "real-life," try Mauke, where your heart can rest and where you can hear about Polynesia from people who have time to talk about it.

Experience Mauke from above and in 360°

Take a tour of the beaches, bungalows, and colourful church on "the garden isle."

  • Mauke Map
  • Mauke Map

Mauke Accommodations

Sleep soundly and wake up to birdsong in a peace bungalow or cottage of your choice.

Ri’s Retreat

The bungalows are situated in a garden setting and each one features a private shower and toilet with hot water, and separate kitchen.

Tiare Cottages

Quality accommodation at affordable prices on a beautiful and peaceful island.

Mauke Getaway with Air Rarotonga

Experience the tranquil beauty and remoteness of the Island of Mauke on this exclusive tour.


If you're a nature lover, you'll be right at home on Mitiaro, where you can watch the locals collecting food from their varied and diverse breadbaskets. You'll find freshwater lakes, crystal-clear swimming holes, swamps, and tide pools, and you won't have to go far to find someone willing to show you how to harvest food from them.

Experience Mitiaro from above and in 360°

Tour Mitiaro, where you can live with a local to get a real taste of the South Pacific.

  • Mitiaro Map
  • Mitiaro Map

Mitiaro Accommodations

Mitiaro offers a Itiki Experience that allows you to fully immerse in local culture.

Vivian’s Retreat

Kovea studio (sleeps 2) Single Hut (sleeps 1)


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