Test your fitness in paradise at Aitutaki's biggest Fitness Festival! Featuring two exciting events across two days, including the Team Challenge and the Weightlifting event.

No matter your fitness level, the Aitutaki Liftoff is an all inclusive event that aims to promote health and wellness for everyone, locally and internationally, using the beautiful backdrop of Aitutaki.

The Liftoff shall feature two seperate events across two consecutive days

Individual Weightlifting event: Friday 10th September at 6pm, Aitutaki Fishing Club

Liftoff Team Challenge: Saturday 11th September from 9am - 2pm

As we aim to have competitors of all fitness levels, there shall be two categories for the team event, namely a "Beginners" as well as an "Open" category for the more experienced athletes.

Competitors should be prepared for anything, from pushing and pulling, to carrying, flipping and lifting.

Competitors shall be entered based on their bodyweight class and two lifts shall be included, namely the Clean & Jerk, and the Snatch.

With the support of the Cook Islands Weightlifting Federation, this event shall be a great opportunity for local and international lifters to showcase their talents and inspire the local community of Aitutaki, who have proven to boast a number of local talented lifters in recent months.

Great prizes are up for grabs for both events, which shall be presented at our Prizegiving wrap up on the Saturday evening. And after all the hard work is done, we will be hitting the lagoon with our competitors for a cruise on the Sunday.

If you would like to register yourself or a team visit www.funcfitaraura.com/events-1

For more information, please visit www.funcfitaraura.com

We look forward to growing The Aitutaki Liftoff into the biggest Fitness Festival in the Pa Enua in the years to come.

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