Prepare & Eat an Umu Feast with Sunshine Raro Cultural Tours

Come and explore Cook Islands cultural activities with Mata George (aka Sunshine) on Sunshine Raro Cultural Tours!  

This is a family friendly, hands on culinary experience on how to prepare the Umu and food the traditional Cook Island way. On the tour guests have the opportunity to enjoy eating the delicious food everyone has helped prepare from each guests' own weaved Raurau plate. While the umu is cooking, visitors will listen to local cultural stories including the tale of the coconut tree known as "The Tree of Life", husk coconuts, watch a tree climbing demonstration, learn how to tie a pareu, hear local music, see traditional dancing, play games, and more. There are two stages to this function:

  • Morning Preparation - Duration 2- 4 hours starting at 8:30am. Stay and do the activities above or take this as free time. 
  • Late Afternoon Feast - Duration 2 - 4 hours starting at 4:30pm. At this time everyone will unearth the food, enjoy activities and entertainment, and kai (eat). This is also a family friendly BYO event.