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Atiu Culture Tour - Punarea Culture Tours

Atiu Island, also known as Enuamanu (land of the birds) lies 187 kilometres northeast of Rarotonga in the Cook Islands, a short 45 minute plane ride from Rarotonga.

Punarea offer 2 unique tours;

Atiu Culture Tour (3 hours) 

Embark in a truly unique Atiuan experience and immerse in the essence of local island culture, passed down through the generations. Learn and engage in traditional practices from your experienced local guide, Joshua Jim.

  • Hear the history of Atiu from your local guide 
  • Prepare and eat a traditional umu (earth oven) feast 
  • Tapa cloth making
  • Ignite tuitui (traditional natural candle) 
  • Tuki Poi (Staple food demonstration) 


Traditional Hunting Tour (3 hours)

Join Joshua for an exciting hunting adventure into the rain forests of Atiu and learn some traditional methods of hunting passed down through the generations. This tour is suited to anyone eager for a bit more adventure and is wild for the outdoors. Comfortable footwear recommended.  

  • Hear the history of Atiu from your local guide 
  • Set traditional traps for wild pigs (all year)
  • Hunt for delicious coconut crabs (seasonal) 
  • Enjoy a traditional umu (earth oven) feast 


Monday - Friday
3pm - 6pm 
Minimum of 5 people, Maximum of 15 per tour

Walking Shoes
Bottled Water
Mosquito Repellent

You haven't visited Atiu until you've visited Punarea! 


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