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Te Maeva Nui - Constitution Celebrations

Te Maeva Nui is our annual National Event and commemorates our rich Cook Islands cultural heritage. It is also a time when we as Cook Island people reflect upon the journey our pioneering leaders who took to attain the right to self governance.

TE MAEVA NUI | JULY 27 - AUGUST 6, 2018 

Te Maeva Nui Festival is a week-long national culture and dance event held each year to celebrate the August 4th birthday of the Cook Islands as an independent nation. It is the cultural highlight of the Cook Islands year.

This National Event has grown over the years drawing international visitors from across the globe to Rarotonga for a week of cultural festivities and celebrations through the arts, crafts, music, song, dance and local food. Our Cook Islands people are our richest Asset.  The whole Nation literally comes to a standstill as we celebrate our unique culture during Te Maeva Nui.


Day 1 - Friday 27th July, Te Maeva Nui Float Parade 
Day 2 - Saturday 28th July, Rakei Manava (Traditional Costumes Parade)
Day 3 - Sunday 29th July, Imene Tuki Performances (Traditional Choir)
Day 4 - Monday 30th July, Trade Day & Evening Cultural Performances 
Day 5 - Tuesday 31st July, Trade Day & Evening Cultural Performances
Day 6 - Wednesday 1st August, Trade Day & Evening Cultural Performances  
Day 7 - Thursday 2nd August, Trade Day & Evening Cultural Performances  
Day 8 - Friday 3rd August, Trade Day & Evening Cultural Performances
Day 9 - Saturday 4th August, Tangi Ka'ara Competition (drumming) and Family Music Festival 
Day 10 - Sunday 5th August, Choir Performances
Day 11 - Monday 6th August, 53rd Constitution Day Ceremony & Prizegiving    

Can't make it to Te Maeva Nui this year? Not a problem, the week long celebration is held every year so there is still time to plan your visit around Te Maeva Nui. 

2019:     26th July - 5th August 
2020:     31st July - 8th August 
2021:     30th July - 7th August 

Enjoy highlights from the 2017 Te Maeva Nui below or for more coverage and highlights visit The Ministry of Cultural Development's website


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