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Vi piacerà tutto del nostro piccolo paradiso... e sarà difficile dirci addio


Un Piccolo Paraidiso significa Aitutaki, con i suoi 1800 abitanti e la più bella laguna del mondo. Dista solo 220km da Rarotonga e 45 minuti di volo. Romantica ed appartata, con 15 piccoli motu (isolette) sparsi all'interno della sua turchese laguna baciata dal sole.

After Rarotonga, Aitutaki is our second most visited island in the Cook Islands. Secluded and romantic, it holds a compelling allure for honeymooners, many of whom choose this haven for the duration of their stay. You can look forward to languid, leisurely days simply reveling in each other’s company and the jaw-dropping surroundings. Work on your suntan lazing under a coconut palm, relax with a massage or ask for directions to the secret garden.

Getting here

With flights a mere 50 minutes north from Rarotonga, there is simply no excuse not to visit this spectacular island and soak up the beauty of one of world’s most exquisite lagoons. With Air Rarotonga offering a one-day excursion from Rarotonga including, transfers, airfares, a lagoon cruise, snorkelling and lunch, we would love you to experience this beauty for yourself.

Delectable delights

Sip champagne in sophisticated full service resorts or be awed by the gentle lapping of waves on the pristine white sand, drink in hand at the magic sun set hour at your beachside boutique accommodation in Aitutaki. In Aitutaki you’ll experience an array of culinary delights that will melt in the mouth of even the most discerning foodie, set in amongst one of the most spectacular vistas you’re likely to encounter.

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There are countless ways to explore the crystal clear, warm turquoise waters and the uninhabited islands, called "motu", which fringe the lagoon. How about kayaking to a fine white sandy beach that you can have all to yourselves? Or hiring your own boat and setting a course for Maina, or Honeymoon Island, or One Foot Island – where visitors can get their passport stamped at the world’s smallest post office. Several tour operators cruise daily to these and other sand islets and to favourite snorkelling spots abundant with colourful fish, turtles and coral clusters.

Check out the kite boarders zooming across acres of sandy shallows on the South East trade winds then get a lesson and have a go yourself. Go fly-fishing for the mighty bonefish to create a truly unique Aitutaki memory. And just beyond the reef Aitutaki offers outstanding and readily accessible scuba diving for beginners through to experts as well as fantastic deep-sea fishing. Learn the history and culture of the warm and gentle Aitutaki people on day tours or hire a scooter or bicycles to explore at your own pace, meeting the locals at church or the market.

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The main island, dwarfed by the vast lagoon, offers gorgeous places to stay for all budgets, including the Cook Islands’ only overwater bungalows and of course many other boutique properties catering exceptionally well for honeymooners or the romantic at heart. If you’re travelling with a family Aitutaki Village offers family friendly accommodation, while our stunning resorts and private villas dotted around the island provide the perfect escape and ooze a sense of casual luxury.

For unadulterated isolation you could choose to stay out in the lagoon on the otherwise uninhabited Akaiami Island, once the refuelling spot for the TEAL flying boats on the legendary Coral Route across the Pacific. Incredibly special, incredibly romantic.

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Attività acquatiche

Ci sono un'infinita varietà di pesci colorati che nuotano nelle acque della laguna di un incredibile colore blu.

Aitutaki è il posto migliore alle Isole Cook per le attività acquatiche.

Da non perdere una giornata dedicata ad una crociera nella laguna con un'escursione o per un picnic su una spiaggia appartata di un motu disabitato. La calda accoglienza dei suoi abitanti e lo stile di vita rilassato la rende una destinazione al top della lista dei luoghi da visitare nel Sud Pacifico.


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