Cook Islands: Special Souvenir in Polynesia New Zealand

Francesca Spano
Photography By
Kieran Scott

The magic of New Zealand Polynesia, passes from the Cook Islands considered somewhere between myth and paradise dedicated to travelers lucky. The beauty of this corner of the world, the distance from us and the friendliness of the local, represent a perfect mix for a unique holiday. Always kissed by a pleasant tropical climate. In many they come here not only for a relaxing holiday, but also to buy authentic pieces of art and sniff out the deal.

Culture and History

Local traditions in the Cook Islands, are strongly influenced by both the Polynesian heritage from the European one and the same is reflected in crafts. Who wants to buy an original souvenir, therefore, you can get wood carvings of Tangaroa, god of the sea and a symbol of the islands. In this case, a good address recommended by the tourist office, is that of the artist Mike Tavioni to Atupa (Rarotonga). Inside the store, among the most popular items are the kumetes, bowls of various sizes. Alternatively, it can go on Saturday Punanga Nui (Avarua), with the artist Henry Tavioni and its style sculptures linked to the Cook Islands.

Captive black pearls

Who flies from across the world to stop in this stretch of sea dotted with the Cook Islands, can not go home without having seen and bought black pearls. They are completely natural and come from Manihiki Island, one of the oldest inhabited places of the globe. Finding them is not easy and that's why their costs vary and, in addition, it is also interesting to find out their process of formation that starts inside the Pinctada Margaritifera, the most famous pearl oyster. Secretes of dark pigments that give the black gradation to the nacre. In this case, one of the experts is the Tokerau Jim artist, which has its headquarters in Muri (Rarotonga).

For those looking for beauty products, still, there is the line of TeTika products, which with its bioactive oil has a regenerating effect on the skin. Do not forget, finally, that the Cook Islands are known for Tivaevae, a patchwork handmade with beautiful designs, following a technique introduced in the nineteenth century.

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