Digital Fagogo - Cook Islands Carving

Fresh TV
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Fresh TV

Cook Islands carving is a celebration of life, Cook Islands carving is a modern implementation of our ancestors and the greatness that they left us with. 

In this episode, Fresh TV spends some time with one of the Cook Islands' youngest taunga/carver Elsie Hosking. Elsie shares her journey of how she connects with her culture through carving and learning about the traditional knowledge and art from Cook Islands master caver Mike Tavioni. 

Elsie describes her journey of carving as an important aspect to finding your roots back to your cultural identity and your mana. The cultural immersion from carving is so rich and fulfilling and it is something that needs to be normalized amongst the young Cook Islands of today. 

She explains how each of the islands in the pa enua have their own patterns & motifs which is important to how they structure their identity. One of the key points she makes in this episode is the importance of preserving our culture and traditions across all paths of life so that Cook Islands people can sustain a suitable lifestyle. 

Watch the full episode of young Cook Islands taunga Elsie Hosking carving here