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Surrounded by the Pacific Ocean, local fishermen venture beyond the reef before sunrise, helping us earn a reputation for creating the best cuisine in the Pacific. Fresh seafood straight out of the ocean, prepared simply with delicious local ingredients from our nutrient rich volcanic island gardens. 

Love fresh food? We’re not called The Cook Islands for nothing.

Whatever you feel like, the choice of eating options is vast and varied in our little nation. Visitors can easily dine in a different location for every meal of their stay. Buffet meals feature favourite local dishes like ika mata (marinated raw fish) and umu kai cooked in a traditional earth oven. A perfect meal can be beach fish and chips, street hawker dishes at the night market or fine restaurant dining. As well as gourmet burgers, pizza and fish sandwiches by the water’s edge, there are many colourful cafés serving light meals and your fix of great coffee.


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