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Shipwreck Hut, Aro’a Beachside Inn

This is a well stocked bar with wonderful cocktails in a jam jar. Pub meals are available for lunch and dinner, except on the 2 BBQ nights where local entertainers are in house.

BBQ nights are a unique experience where the cruisine is served ‘KatiKati’ style which means that there are a lot of different tastes served in small portions, with a 2nd round of food available for guests who wish to take more of their favourite part of the menu.

On Tuesday evening Garth Young entertains on piano, Saturday night Jake Numunga on Ukelele. Bookings are recommended for BBQ nights, no bookings required on pub meal nights.

The pub meals range from a casual Bar Snack for those who just wish to have a little food whilst they are savouring a cocktail, or to have a hot meal which also includes a vegetarian selection.

On a Thursday, popular Rudy Aquino entertains in house, the pub meals are served on this night. Guests can relax on the beach and see the fabulous sunsets enjoyed at the Shipwreck Hut.


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