Atiu Tumunu Experience

For visitors to our island looking for something different to do we encourage you to take a day or night time tour with the Atiu Tumunu Experience.


It is a hands on cultural experience where you:
Learn about the island of Atiu and its people
Discover the tradition of the Tumunu and how it started
Sample our home-brew from an Atiu recipe
Prepare food and cook it in a umu (our underground earth oven)
Have a turn at husking and grating a coconut and make coconut cream
Make a basket or hat from the leaves of a coconut tree
Visit a marae (sacred meeting place) and learn its significance to our people*
Visit a nearby plantation and learn about local crops which provide us with food*
Learn about our plants and its many uses


Day Tours

Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 9.30am -- 1.30pm


Coconuts Bar

Wednesday to Saturday from 4pm to 10pm.

Real Local Coconut Style Bar
We play the best Coconut music on the island
Wednesday to Saturday 4pm -- 10pm
Complimentary Tumunu Homebrew Tasting
Seafood Basket Meals and more....
Happy Hour 4pm -- 7pm
Friday Night: Island String Band featuring the Coconut Boys.


Bookings are essential and preferably with one day notice. Minimum numbers apply. The day tour sessions may change from time to time depending on the weather and season. Please contact us for details.


*Day tour only

Atiu Tumunu Experience

Atiu Tumunu Experience