Raro Fire & Food Festival

A celebration of food, showcasing a fusion of Cook Islands' produce, tradition, culture mixed with all styles of barbecue and solid fuel cooking.

25 juni 2022 - 2 juli 2022
Rarotonga, Cook Islands

This year we will have a weeklong culinary celebration, particularly focusing on solid fuel-fired Barbecue and Fire cooking. With Demonstrations, workshops, cultural exchanges, activities, and competitions that culminate with a local Pitmaster competition. The purpose is manyfold.

  1. Create an exciting international Event that entices more tourists to the Cook Islands, while also increasing the length of stay.
  2. Provide exposure for local suppliers supporting our local economy
  3. Continue to develop and grow Barbecue culture in the Cook Islands.
  4. Raise funds for the Rarotonga Sailing Club and the Savage Barbecue team.
Fire & Food event details


Raro Food & Fire