Huge coverage for 'Shipwrecked' TV

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E4 - Shipwrecked

The new 'Shipwrecked' reboot has seen huge coverage for the Cook Islands across the United Kingdom.

Shipwrecked Stars Cook Islands

Almost 300,000 viewers tuned in to the first episode on Tuesday 29 January. It was the first of 15 episodes, screening weeknights on popular UK Entertainment channel E4.

The TV show has created a lot of buzz around the Cook Islands as a holiday destination. Some of the UK's largest media outlets have highlighted the Cook Islands as interest grows around the backdrop of the TV show.

"We have had a huge amount of coverage over the past week as a result of Shipwrecked. All positive about the Cook Islands" said Anna Watt, PR rep for the Cook Islands in the UK.

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"I attended the press launch for Shipwrecked and met most of the cast. Each of them said how wonderful they thought the Cook Islands were and how they wanted to go back some time." 

Cook Islands Tourism Manager Ian Griffiths was excited about the TV series and the coverage the Cook Islands would receive.

"Aitutaki looks amazing and Aitutaki and the Cooks are given credit at the end. The characters are interesting and it will be addictive watching for sure!"

Shipwrecked screens 9pm weeknights and concludes with the finale on Friday 15 February.