If you need any help with bringing your travel plans together, get in touch with a Travel Specialist/Agent who has visited the Cook Islands.

First Name Last Name Company State Phone Email
Diane Munson Alaska 907-376-5231 ext 205 [email protected]
Doreen Lipinski Arizona 480-634-5035 [email protected]
Ron Adcock California 714-538-0010 ext 101 [email protected]
Eva Armstrong California 714-538-3774 [email protected]
Olga Borisov California 626-485-9258 [email protected]
Christine Butler California 714-374-5656 ext 3103 [email protected]
Lisa Corso California 714-374-5656 ext 3108 [email protected]
Kathleen Diane Dostalek California 818-553-3394 [email protected]
Diane Dostalek California 818-553-3394 [email protected]
Wendy Eickhoff California 619-453-0563 [email protected]
Matt Knowles California 916-681-5494 [email protected]
Frank Krieger California 310-202-3900 [email protected]
Heather O'Bryan California 310-535-1152 [email protected]
Jacintha Perera California 916-897-9597 [email protected]
Lindsay Santoro California 619-453-0561 [email protected]
Tamara Schlotthauer California 909-793-1996 [email protected]
Noy Siravantha California 714-374-5656 ext 3105 [email protected]
Christina Turrini California 415-532-8664 [email protected]
Amy J. Mooney Kahala Travel California (619) 282-8300 ext. 230 [email protected]
Maryann Aguiari Unforgettable Honeymoons California [email protected]
Barbara Lambert Colorado 970-493-8511 [email protected]
Karima Tannis Colorado 303-558-0014 [email protected]
Tree Schmidt Beyond Bora Bora Colorado 303-489-5946 [email protected]
Sabine Spagnuolo Connecticut 860-394-3066 [email protected]
Jordan Aibel Florida 305-697-2926 [email protected]
Sharon Bartimay Illinois 312-951-8517 [email protected]
Corinne Goodman Illinois 312-951-8517 [email protected]
Ellen Hoffman Illinois 312-951-8517 [email protected]
Vanessa Massey Illinois 312-951-8517 [email protected]
Laura Tober Illinois 312-951-8517 ext 126 [email protected]
Jamie Lambert Indiana 812-945-1212 [email protected]
Jayne Piazza Montana 406-721-3884 [email protected]
Mary Elise Aust Nebraska 402-393-3436 [email protected]
Colette Levine New Mexico 505-216-9111 [email protected]
Jo Quinn New Mexico 888-480-7787 [email protected]
Mary Beachy Oregon 503-842-7783 [email protected]
Julie Garcia Oregon 503-546-1101 [email protected]
Mary Marlowe Oregon 503-546-1087 [email protected]
Karey Van Pelt Oregon 503-646-5776 [email protected]
Cathi Landowski Pennsylvania 610-896-9595 [email protected]
Anne Du Bose Texas 210-656-0083 [email protected]
Mark Hoyer Texas 346-444-6020 [email protected]
Melodye Martinelli Texas 713-681-4001 [email protected]
Janelle Spintig Texas 623-792-7866 [email protected]
Donna Watson Texas 940-383-1528 [email protected]
Mandy Buttenshaw Virginia 703-659-9028 [email protected]
Deborah Izenberg Virginia 202-640-5795 [email protected]
Kemi Abell Washington 425-374-1227 [email protected]
Michelle Calger Washington 425-251-4809 [email protected]
D. Paula Demmer Washington 253-759-6203 [email protected]
Kassie McKnight Washington 425-460-0895 [email protected]
Rhonda Robinson Washington 763-370-9618 [email protected]
Debbie Roller Washington 1-800-667-6601 ext. 6937 [email protected]
Eric Vijfhuizen Washington 425-446-9492 [email protected]
Wendy Reynoldson Wisconsin 206-301-0443 ext 229 [email protected]