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The Cook Islands Tourism Corporate site has been established to house a collection of publications, tools and media that help promote and answer your questions on the Cook Islands.

Trade & Media

This section provides resources that can be used to train staff and information that can be distributed to your clients. You can also gain access to our moving & still photography, and brand guidelines.

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Resource Centre
Resource Centre

Quality Assurance

The Cook Islands Quality Assured accreditation programme provides confirmation that your business is a quality tourism product. Accreditation is based on a set list of standards and guidelines that your business must meet. This programme will give visitors’ confidence when choosing where to stay, what to do and how best to experience the Cook Islands.

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Resource Centre

For any and all downloadable resources for you and your business

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Resouce Centre
World Map


Our marketing activity is focused on a number of key markets. Access archival and up to date statistics & reports on our market activities and visitor information.

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