Cook Islands Resources and Outputs

NZTRI facilitates an online Visitor Survey for the Cook Islands Tourism Corporation (CITC), (2012 - present). A summary of the results from each year is available below. This research was designed to provide a deeper understanding of the characteristics of visitors to the Cook Islands including their expectations and expenditure. Feedback from visitors to the Cook Islands enables Cook islands Tourism to improve the visitor and host experience of tourism as well as support it to make good decisions about future tourism development. This research evolved from previous work undertaken by NZTRI in the Cook Islands from 2005 to 2007.

In 2016 NZTRI also commenced a business confidence index survey to provide a supply side perspective on the industry. These reports are completed twice a year and reflect low and high season periods. The information provided give insights into the challenges and opportunities facing tourism businesses and enables useful feedback on government policy initiatives.

In 2018 NZTRI completed the first ever national community-focused tourism awareness survey and this was again repeated in 2019. This work provides insights into how the residents of the Cook Islands feel about tourism and the various costs and benefits associated with the industry.

Together these three bodies of research allow us to develop a decision support system that can help guide tourism strategy an policy development and support the design and use of effective indicators of tourism’s contribution to sustainable development.

International Visitor Survey

PTDI Presentations

Business Survey and Confidence Index

Cook Islands Community Attitudes Toward Tourism Survey