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Cook Islands Tourism Event Support Process

All events applying for Cook Islands Tourism CIT Event Support are required to go through the following process

Cook Islands Tourism Event Support - Guidelines & Eligibility

All events applying for Cook Islands Tourism (CIT) Event Support are required to review the following guidelines & eligibility document.

Cook Islands Tourism Event Support Overview

The Cook Islands Tourism Event Support was established to assist event owners or organisers with staging events in Rarotonga and/or the Pa Enua. Event Support can be either direct (Seed Funding or Marketing Support) or indirect (Value in Kind), and is provided to eligible event owners or organisers who demonstrate the value of their event in the Cook Islands in terms of potential economic impact, profile, size and scope of the event.

To be eligible for Cook Islands Tourism Event Support, the event is subject to an application process and must meet the below criteria:

  • The ability to increase visitors to Rarotonga and/or the Pa Enua in the low-shoulder season (November-April), events occurring within the low-shoulder season will be given priority consideration
  • Demonstrate the ability to deliver significant and measurable economic benefit to the Cook Islands through return visitation, extended stays, direct economic injection and/or dispersal to the Pa Enua
  • The ability to facilitate business and community involvement in the event
  • Ability for the event to add to the diversity of the Cook Islands event calendar
  • The capacity to be an ongoing event and a permanent fixture on the Cook Islands Calendar of Events
  • Have a capable Event Manager to ensure positive execution of the event, and ensure agreed terms are adhered to.
  • Incorporate strategic and targeted marketing practices in its planning and implementation; and
  • The event organiser must acknowledge Cook Islands Tourism through all advertising and marketing undertaken for the event.
  • The event organizer is highly encouraged to submit the event request a minimum of 90 days prior to the event taking place. Event requests received closer (less than 90 days) to the event date may not receive the full marketing and promotional benefits offered by Cook Islands Tourism.

It is recommended applicants submit as much detail and supporting information as possible. Please use clear, simple language to outline your activity.

Supporting Documents

As part of the event application, you will be required to submit the following:

  • A brief description of the event, including marketing activity that demonstrates the benefits to the Cook Islands
  • Clearly specify in detail the support that is required for the event
  • Data on expected event participants (local and International)

Type of Event Support

Cook Islands Tourism Event Support should be used to increase tourism and drive direct economic injection in to the Cook Islands. Based on the assessment outcome, events will be categorised into one of the three funding tiers below. Please note, not all events will be eligible to receive funding support.

Seed Funding

Destination Development provides the seed funding towards well planned events that contribute to attracting incremental visitors during low-shoulder season, strengthen the circular economy with a particular focus on events in the outer islands and include cultural elements that showcase the uniqueness of the destination such as a Food festival highlighting traditional cuisine.

Marketing Support

Destination Marketing provides Marketing Support to optimise and leverage the opportunities that stem from a new or reoccurring event in the Cook Islands.

In-Kind Support

In-kind support is available through the use of Cook Island Tourism's social media channels and other existing resources.

Event Support Assessment Process

On receipt of Event Support application, the application and any supporting documents will be assessed by Cook Islands Tourism and any further information or clarification will be requested and collated. Events that are not eligible for support will be notified at this time.

Terms and Conditions

  • Submission of an application does not guarantee event support
  • Fully completed application form and any additional requested documentation must be provided
  • Successful applicants must submit a post-event report no later than 4 weeks post-event.
  • If requested, the applicant must be able to provide substantial planning documents
  • The event organizer is required to submit a full Event Report 30 days post event.
  • To assist CIT with budget and resource planning, the event organizer is encouraged to submit a date (confirmed or tentative) for the next year's event.