Vanessa Vartanian
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United States

I am a single, fun in the sun kind of gal! I worked at United Airlines/Global Services for 18 years. I've worked with International Travel Services and Ultimate Vacations for 6 years. I've had the once in a lifetime opportunity to travel, meet and learn about the Cook Islands and the beautiful people who reside in paradise! I would love to have the chance to work with clients and open their horizons. I handle each peep with kit gloves to make sure they have the ultimate vacation!
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Why the Cook Islands?
Even though I live in Hawaii, the Cook Islands are my favorite place on earth! It is truly a paradise! You can enjoy the tranquil, laid-back locals, majestic mountains, and beaches with an extravaganza of activities. Cook Islands has the world's most beautiful lagoons and people! Once you visit, you'll be hooked like me.