Intern: Love a Little Fun in Paradise

Odile Pauka
Photography By
Odile Pauka
Kia Orana from Paradise! Odile here and this week I will be sharing with you a couple of activities I have been getting up to! Who doesn't love a little fun in paradise?

Can you believe it's the last weekend of January already?  I know right, but I guess that's what happens when you're having too much fun in a little paradise.  Something I am proudly unashamed of.  While typing this I just realized, in exactly one month I will be heading back to reality.  So for this piece I decided to share with you a short clip of my adventures in a little paradise. 


Here's a little tip: When in a little paradise, do what the locals do!  Don't be afraid to try new things, make memories and capture the moments.  Hope this video entices you to book your ticket to a little paradise.  Go on, I know you want to.


Tune in next week to hear from Maeva about our Tourism Staff trip to beautiful Aitutaki.