Learning the ways of our Moana Ancestors

Fresh TV
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Fresh TV

As part of the Talanoa Ako series, Fresh TV bring you these first-hand stories of how young Cook Islanders learn the ways of their tupuna (ancestors) for the first time.

In this episode, Fresh TV spends some time with our young Cook Islanders as they learn about fishing, planting, and preserving their culture in the ways of their tupuna (ancestors). 

This program has been organized by a local community group that is passionate about their culture and preserving the traditional knowledge of their tupuna. The name of this program is Atui'anga ki te Tango which simply means "Learning about our traditions". The traditional techniques the kids apply in this episode are old techniques that have been revived as part of the fight to combat the effects of climate change. 

One of the key elements to this program was to provide young Cook Islanders an opportunity to practice these traditional techniques of planting and fishing and understand how they are connected with each other.

Learning about the sky, the land and the sea are part of this beautiful story of valuing the Moana and islands that we live in.

Take a look at how these young Cook Islander's put their traditional planting and fishing skills to use here: