American visitors to New Zealand being encouraged to also visit the Cook Islands

John Petersen

Rejuvenate on a Cook Islands stopover and then adventure in New Zealand for no additional airfare.

Cook Island Tourism and Air New Zealand in North America have joined together in a new campaign to encourage Americans who are planning a visit New Zealand to add the Cook Islands into their itineraries.


Key campaign opportunities

  • Most Americans visiting New Zealand overlook the relatively close proximity of the Cook Islands, linked by non-stop flights on Air New Zealand to offer the most efficient one-airline itinerary available anywhere in the South Pacific.
  • Nor do they realize what a wonderful enhancement this is to their New Zealand vacation, i.e. the unique combination of culture and people experiences alongside tropical beauty and scenic diversity.
  • Few know that a visit to the Cook Islands can be added to the itinerary at no extra airfare cost on Air New Zealand tickets they purchase to New Zealand.



The joint venture campaign launched on Monday 6th February and will run for one month.


How being achieved

The campaign has been designed to explain each of the above main selling points using this process:

1.      Consumers are being reached through digital banner advertising display units across desktops and mobile devices on popular online travel sites. Creative examples of banners may be seen here: link to banner examples. Jpeg or PDF. Attached

2.      Video advertisements are also used in lengths of 15 and 30 seconds. See the 30 second advert here: 

3.      The campaign is strongly supported by relevant keywords in the largest search engine, Google.

4.      The above advertising sends visitors to an especially designed and prepared landing page on Air New Zealand’s North American website. Here they can learn more about:

  • The proposition, “The perfect Combination - Rejuvenate on a Cook Islands stopover and then adventure in New Zealand for no additional airfare”
  • Airfares listings that combine Rarotonga + Auckland, Rarotonga + Wellington, Rarotonga + Christchurch, Rarotonga + Queenstown
  • The itinerary options with a detailed route map
  •  Key highlights of the attractions of both destinations by playing a 50 seconds long video
  • Detail on what to do in the Cook Islands and in New Zealand
  • How to book the multiple destination options
  • The LAX-RAR-LAX timetable
  • The inflight experience
  • A special upgrade to Premium Economy class.

See the landing page HERE 



Through Air New Zealand, we have a profile of what percentage of Americans presently visit both the Cook Islands and New Zealand. Results of the campaign will be measured by changes to this profile, in addition to the detailed response measurements to each of the various elements of the campaign.