Flight Center Show - Newcastle

Geoffrey Tama
Photography By
Geoffrey Tama

Being the second most populous city in New South Wales, Cook Islands Tourism send the dream team to share a little paradise with this wonderful city.

As part of the Flight Center shows in Australia, I had the opportunity to attend the Newcastle show, at the Entertainment Center on Sunday the 19th of February. It was an incredible hub of activity and inquiries by the local Newcastrians; well, not absolutely sure if this is the actual term for someone from Newcastle, but it sounded good to me - so I’m sticking with it. 

Being my first travel show, I was fortunate to have Danika, from our New Zealand office, guiding me throughout. So after a little brief and acquainting ourselves with our collateral and booth, we braced ourselves for the 10 am opening of the doors to eager travelers looking for that once in a lifetime opportunity to visit a little paradise; with the specials that were there - people could have many opportunities in this lifetime, lucky them.

As the doors were opened and Newcastrians wandered the floor, we were busy from start to finish, without even a moment to break for lunch, it's great to be occupied to the point that time flies by.

As the crowd ebbed and flowed, we were always greeted warmly by the Newcastrians, and were also told by surrounding booths that they were dying to learn more about our little paradise, with China international directly across from us coming over for more information throughout the day, as were the Flight Center agents roaming around looking for extra information for their clients and even some asking for themselves, wanting to visit with their families and loved ones.

We had visitors from across the city, ranging from couples to friends, and families to honeymooners, so there were great enquiries from visitors to our booth, with all leaving with a smile and a pack of information under their arm. We even had well wishers stop by, who would tell us about their great experience that they had in a little paradise, event being greeted by this lovely family, who wandered over and in unison greeted us with a heartwarming "KIA ORANA".

To the Newcastrians who have visited us while we were there - meitaki maata from Danika and I, and we will be returning next year to share more of what makes the Cook Islands a little paradise.