SPTO publishes 2017 Quarter 4 review of tourist arrivals in Pacific Islands

The Research and Statistics Division of SPTO published its Quarterly Review of Tourist Arrivals in Pacific Island Countries for the Fourth Quarter of 2017'.

This report presents a review of tourist arrivals in Pacific Island countries in the December Quarter of 2017 with comparative analysis over the preceding quarter and the corresponding period of the prior year.

“Our research and statistics analysis play a vital role in assessing global trends, it’s a key tool for regional tourism to asses their markets individually and as a whole, it’s especially note worthy to mention that arrivals from the PICs major source markets recorded a remarkable 11% increase against the December Quarter of 2016 but weakened by 10.7% to 552,170 over the September Quarter, the healthy growth over the longer twelve months period was attributed by a maximum surge in arrivals from other Asia by 76.6%.” said SPTO Chief Executive Officer, Christopher Cocker.

Tourism is one of the key drivers of economic development across the region. Pacific Island government and private sector stakeholders need to keep abreast with the latest tourism performances and developments in particular arrivals from the source markets as well as the destinations for planning purposes, developing marketing strategies and formulating policies.

“Global tourism performance continued to gain momentum, with international tourist arrivals recording an impressive 5.7% growth in the December Quarter of 2017, this was well above the 4.9% growth in December Quarter of 2016, the positive trend reflected the sustained growth in many international destinations and a strong recovery in others during the period” said Mr Cocker.

The December Quarter 2017 publication can be accessed through SPTO RTRC Website. The publication is also distributed to SPTO member countries through National Statistics Offices, National Tourism Offices, Reserve/Central Banks, Private Sector Members and Other stakeholders.

To access the report click here: Quarterly Review Report