"Shhh‚ it's a secret says Mauke Community

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CI Tourism

Cook Islands Tourism Corporation is supporting and building the capacity of the Pa Enua through collaborative projects between Destination Marketing and Destination Development.

Mauke BrochureLast month 5 CIT staff members were in Mauke documenting the new Air Rarotonga Mauke Experience as well as supporting key island activities. After a brilliant five days connecting with the local people and the Kou te Turoto Mauke (Mauke Tourism Council), a variety of content and collateral has been generated for the community.

As a follow up of this visit, CIT Director of Sales & Marketing Global, Karla Eggelton, and Digital Executive, Tony Fe'ao, are in Mauke. Meeting with the council to present the images and collateral created from the first visit. A key output will be to present a draft of the new Mauke Brochure. 

The tagline ‘Shhh.. it’s a secret!’ has been developed to highlight for visitors that Mauke is full of secrets and wonder. Mauke is largely untouched and is a place where you can find a beach cove all to yourself. When asked to describe the inspiration behind their tagline, the tourism council said it’s about being able to ‘Switch off from the world and tune into our way of life’

Apii Mauke’s Centennial Celebrations
It was a colourful and joyous time as Apii Mauke celebrated their 100th Birthday. It was a weeklong celebration of education, food, community and the children of Mauke.

The Vaka Pride Competition (Ie Ie O Te Orau)
Vaka Pride, introduced to Mauke just two months ago, had the first of three competitions last month. Vaka Pride is a way for Tourism to say thank you to the villages for contributing and being proud Cook Islanders.

Air Rarotonga’s Two Night Package
Air Rarotonga and the community of Mauke currently have an outstanding 2-night package for $699NZD. You receive two nights’ accommodation in a quaint local homestead, transfers on island, breakfast, hosted dinner, a guided tour with Tangata the local guide, and return flights. This experience is the perfect opportunity to get a taste of the secrets of Mauke and discover authentic Cook Islands culture. To book visit the Air Rarotonga Facebook page.