No Better Place To Learn

Tayla Beddoes
Photography By
Tayla Beddoes
One thing I'm continually re-learning is that there's always new adventures to be had in a little paradise. No matter how long you've lived here for, no matter how many activities you've done, or people you've met - there's always more waiting for you just around the corner.

I was recently on the hunt for childhood photos to post for my friend Chelsea's 21st - I found some goodies to include for a #throwback post (think classically awkward tween photos). Naturally this also prompted me to go through my phone and dig up anything else from the archives. 

No, don't worry - I'll spare us all the trouble of not including them here... Instead I came across a little video I whipped together from my weekend getaway to Aitutaki late last year. 

One of my closest friends from high school had decided to escape the land of the long white cloud to visit a small island in the South Pacific that is 32km all the way round and consists of two roads; the main road, and the back road. Anywho, after thorough exploration of my home island Rarotonga, we came to the conclusion that escaping and exploring a different island, "might be worthwhile" (his words, not mine). 

Till this day, he's still thankful that I "dragged" him over to Aitutaki. 

We weren't there for very long, but we managed to jam-pack as much as we could into our little weekend getaway: walked up Maungapu, rode around on bicycles, did a lagoon cruise and got burnt to the max to name a few - but by far the highlight of the entire trip, was our full day private charter with Wet & Wild Aitutaki. 

Snorkelling in remote spots, swimming and feeding the giant trevallies, giant clam spotting, lunch all to ourselves on Honeymoon Island, running around One Foot Island, flopping on the sand bars - and lastly, wake boarding on Aitutaki's pristine lagoon...