CI Tourism attends Trip Advisor workshop

Director of Sales and Marketing Karla Eggelton is currently in Japan completing 6 days of tourism related activity.

The first three days Eggelton joined 60+ senior marketing executives representing 25 countries and regions across the Asia Pacific region at a Destination Academy on Digital Marketing for DMO’s (Destination Management/Marketing Organisations).  

The three day workshop was coordinated by Trip Advisor and comprised classroom instruction and discussion about the emerging digital trends facing destinations and understanding effective ways in optimising the opportunities.  Key to the success of the event was to understand the role and importance of the digital space, the impact of social media and user generated content on consumer buying behaviour and the increased shift and growth of experiential travel.

 Key takeaways from this for the corporation was new and improved learnings of the digital space, and the operational changes required within the organisation to effect and manage this platform.  Eggelton intends to share findings with the corporation and the wider industry later in the year.


Team DataApac17 with the Ninja family!!