Be Waterwise this Summer

As an island nation that is surrounded by crystal clear waters and an abundance of aquatic life just below the surface and all right at your door. It is important that our visitors have a safe experience while here and they respect the waterways and are aware of the potential dangers to themselves and others while taking in the beauty of our beaches.

A Water Safety Code for All Visitors and Accommodation/Water Sport Providers

1. Be prepared Always use safe and correct equipment – for instance don’t go out in any equipment that looks or appears to be broken or not in good condition. Always wear appropriate beach attire – clothes are heavy when wet and can pull you down and restrict your movement. Wear lifejackets when entering the water on floatation devises such as kayaks. Make sure you know the weather and water conditions before you go out – the weather and sea conditions can change very quickly.


2. Watch out for yourself and others Never swim or surf alone. Always pay close attention to children you are supervising in or near water and be considerate and aware of other beach and pool users.


3. Be aware of the dangers If in doubt stay out. Always enter shallow and unknown water feet first and obey all safety and warning signs. Don’t go swimming after drinking alcohol, or if you are tired or cold – you will be less likely to recognise danger and keep yourself and others safe.


4. Know your limits It’s important that before you enter the water you know your limits. This includes your physical limits and past water/water sports experience. If you are not a confident swimmer don’t swim out beyond a depth that you don’t feel safe/comfortable at.

The above are 4 useful tips that we can share with all our visitors to ensure they have an enjoyable and safe time in our aquatic playground.