Cook Islands launches a free, comprehensive travel guide

Cook Islands Tourism
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Cook Islands Tourism is pleased to announce the launch of a comprehensive travel guide detailing what travellers can experience across the country’s 15 islands in the South Pacific.

The free online travel guide,, features more than 450 information-rich articles; the largest travel guide to the Cook Islands created to date.

To celebrate the guide's launch, Cook Islands Tourism and the team behind the Cook Islands Pocket Guide are inviting travellers from around the world to visit the site and learn more about the rich culture, natural wonders and tropical charm of the Cook Islands.

Noeline Mateariki, Director of Sales & Marketing (Global), Cook Islands Tourism Corporation says: “Our focus during the pandemic was on modernizing the destination and our hospitality. We have officially reopened our borders to all visitors: no vaccinations, tests, masks or pre-arrrival visas are required (up to 31 days stay). Launching the Cook Islands Pocket Guide coincides with our recently launched campaign in Europe, and we look forward to welcoming visitors to come and experience and 'love a little paradise...for real'.”

After an intensive research trip to the Cook Islands, the founders and co-owners of Cook Islands Pocket Guide have spent more than four months compiling their findings into an easy-to-use website for all travellers to plan an effortless Cook Islands holiday.

Their aim was to showcase the true breadth of tourism offerings in the country beyond the boundaries of resorts’ sun loungers.

Robin Censure, Cook Islands Pocket Guide co-owner says: “The Cook Islands offers an incredibly wide array of experiences for all types of visitors.

“We were mind-blown by the extent of the food scene, which ranges from budget to luxury without sacrificing taste, and were amazed by the natural experiences on offer from turtle swimming to stellar hikes.

“And, of course, we were endeared by all the smiles that we encountered during our time there.

“It is such a breath of fresh air to actually be able to meet and spend time with locals during a holiday.”

Cook Islands Pocket Guide is the latest in a series of online travel guides created by its umbrella company, South Pacific Pocket Guide, which has also founded travel guides to Fiji, Niue and Tonga.

The series founders also run the hugely popular, the largest independent New Zealand travel guide which received over five million unique viewers last year.

The inspiration for the series was the discovery that “the number one barrier to people visiting the South Pacific is a lack of online information”, garnered from a survey of over 11,000 travellers.

Upon gaining this valuable insight, South Pacific Pocket Guide was launched to create travel guides for the South Pacific and ensure travellers have easy access to comprehensive and detailed information about what the region has to offer.

Having travelled extensively throughout the South Pacific, Robin explains what sets the Cook Islands apart as a unique destination: “The Cook Islands is such an interesting mix of hypnotising Polynesian culture and sophisticated food and comfort. Add to this the world-class lagoons, an eclectic yet truly ‘South Pacific’ holiday awaits.”

He adds, “One of the main advantages of travelling to the Cook Islands is its accessibility; not only is it a short flight from New Zealand but the islands themselves are incredibly easy to navigate.

“You are never more than a 10-minute drive at ‘island pace’ to your destination. Better even, the drive is peppered with waving local kids, delicious fruit stalls and unique photo opportunities, from tropical rainforest to endless beaches. 

“Because the islands are so small, you can’t get lost in the Cook Islands but you can certainly ‘lose yourself’.”


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