Whale Watching In The Cook Islands

Even from the shores of the Cook Islands, Whale Watching, or scanning the waters for Humpback whales is possible. You can see the Humpback whales as they migrate north into the South Pacific waters from their summer feeding grounds of Australia and New Zealand and the cool Antarctic Ocean and enjoy a quick stop in a little paradise.

Whale watching from a beach in the Cook Islands is a thrill treasured by most visitors who are lucky enough to witness it. Here in the Cook Islands we are blessed with 4 months of whale sightings from July right through to October. Their migration patterns vary year on year depending on ocean temperatures, but you generally see them during this period.

Whale Watching Map

The western side of Rarotonga is your best bet to spotting whales. Great vantage points such as Black Rock, where the fringing reef is closest to the shore, make for a fantastic whale watching experience where you can see the whales at play, up close and personal, from the shore line.

In Aitutaki, the best way to see whales is to swim with them! A close encounter with whales is a truly humbling and magical experience you will never forget! Discover swimming with whales tours with Bubbles Below Aitutaki and Wet & Wild Aitutaki.

Whale watching Whale watching Whale watching