Top 10 things to do in Mauke

Alisha Street
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Mauke, originally named as 'Akatokamanava' - which means 'the place where my heart rested', is known as the Garden Island of the Cook Islands. Known for its abundance of flowers, its no wonder the island is a beauty waiting to be explored. 

Although not as busy as the main island of Rarotonga, Mauke's silent beauty is what draws visitors to it's shores. Whether it's a simple trek around the island or visiting one of it's refreshing underwater caves, an experience in Mauke will leave you resonating once it's over. Here are 10 things you can do when visiting Mauke: 

1. Sea Cave 

Visit the gorgeous Sea Cave, located on the east coast! A yellow & green buoy attached to a palm tree indicates which path to take. If it’s your first time here, I recommend asking Ta (Local tour guide & the Islands only Police officer) to show you where this is, as a short stroll on the reef & around a little cove. The beautiful sunlight reflects off the caves ceiling and down to the aqua blue water beneath. (*Just be sure to wear reef shoes or runners as the makatea can be quite sharp) This cave is only recommended & accessible at low tide.

Visit the gorgeous Sea Cave, located on the east coast!


Te Kou Maru ship wreck! located on the south east side, just follow the little makatea path, that will bring you out here to where the cargo ship was wrecked in 2010. Wedged off the side of the Makatea the Te Kou Maru is a fascinating site to see.

Ship Wreck (Mauke)


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