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This month, Cook Islands Tourism is proud to honour Pai Vaine Nooare Chambers as the Woman of the Month for March 2024. This initiative is part of the Kumiti Au Vaine Cook Islands Women ongoing programme that celebrates outstanding women in our community. Cook Islands Tourism was given the opportunity to nominate a deserving woman from the tourism industry and Aunty Pai stood out among a very impressive group of nominees. Her dedication and contributions to the industry and community since 1996 made her a clear choice. Rarotonga, Cook Islands - March 23, 2024 - In 2011, RentRaro, also known as Heritage Holdings, made waves by sweeping multiple categories in the Air New Zealand Cook Islands Tourism Awards.

Now, five years later, the company continues to thrive under the dedicated leadership of co-founder Pai Vaine Nooare Chambers. Pai Chambers, a beloved figure in the community, has been instrumental in guiding RentRaro's journey since its inception. Born and raised in Rarotonga, Pai's commitment to her roots and her passion for hospitality have been driving forces behind the company's success. Beyond business success, Pai remains deeply committed to supporting Cook Islands culture and community initiatives. As the Patroness of the Miss Cook Islands Pageant Association and an active member of various organizations promoting cultural heritage and environmental sustainability, Pai exemplifies RentRaro's ethos of giving back. Looking ahead, Cook Islands Tourism will continue to have more opportunities to honor and empower women in the tourism sector. Additionally we aim to strengthen our relationship with Kumiti Au Vaine in supporting and promoting women's initiatives in the Tourism Sector.