When shopping in the Cook Islands you’ll find an exquisite array of unique handicrafts, jewellery, art and clothing for sale in an excellent choice of retail outlets.

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The Punanga Nui Markets on Saturday mornings in Avarua is also a great place to shop for local handicrafts, artworks, souvenirs and more. Explore more about our markets in Rarotonga.

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Rito hats are intricately woven from stripped coconut fronds, and the pareu, a colourful fabric printed in a variety of colours and patterns like a sarong. Both are a vital part of everyday life.

Wooden carvings such as clubs, spears, canoes, different drums (pate) and ukulele are popular. The hand-stitched quilts known as tivaevae are highly valued. Manihiki in the north exports cultured black pearls to Rarotonga, where they are set into high fashion jewellery pieces. Like the rest of the Cook Islands, the black pearl is small, but perfectly formed. There are small stores around the island but the highest concentration of shops is in Avarua.

Local arts and crafts are available throughout the islands. Pupu necklaces, hand printed pareus, local therapeutic oils and fragrances, coconut anything from the finest rito hats to bikini bras, fans, pandanus mats, carved wooden bowls, spears and paddles and above all the prized black pearls. If this is on your list of “must haves” make sure you buy in the Cooks. The quality is superb and the price is right.