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Opportunity to trial new visitor experience offering

In a commitment to sustainability, Cook Islands Tourism recently donated old banners that were no longer in use to Circle Cook Islands, a small home-based business that specialises in creating handcrafted accessories from recycled materials.

Circle Cook Islands owner Sabine Janneck was so happy to receive the donation and invited Cook Islands Tourism staff to her workshop to learn more about her work.

Sabine showed the staff how she transforms donated pool toys, bicycle tires, chip packets, and other discarded materials into useful and beautiful everyday accessories. She also shared her passion for sustainability and encouraged the staff to think about ways to reduce their own waste.

The invitation was also an opportunity to trial Sabine’s new visitor experience offering. In partnership with Cook Islands Tourism's Destination Development team, Sabine is opening up her business from a retail-only operation to a hands-on experience for visitors to try their hand at up-cycling art. Visitors would come to her workshop to learn the intricate process of up-cycling and also learn how they can improve their own recycling habits.

Cook Islands Tourism is excited about the release of this new experience as it aligns with our goal of promoting regenerative tourism travel. We believe that this type of experience will appeal to travellers who are not only interested in learning about sustainable practices, but also learning how they can make a positive impact on the environment.

The staff had a great time learning about up-cycling and also creating their own pieces of art. The experience was a valuable opportunity for Cook Islands Tourism staff to learn about a sustainable business in the Cook Islands and to get involved with helping developing small businesses who are looking to venture out. It also helped to raise the staff’s awareness of the importance of waste reduction and recycling.

If you are interested in learning more Circle Cook Islands, you can contact Sabine on [email protected].