Customising Content for Each Social Media Channel

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How to Customize Content for Each Social Media Channel

When it comes to social media scheduling, the majority of small business owners are familiar with the "one size fits all" philosophy. It can be tempting to use the same piece of information across various platforms in the hopes that each will find it useful in some way.

However, different social media platforms have different audiences and work best when your content is tailored to them.

You'll reach more followers, have a greater impact with your content, and ultimately grow your business faster if you tailor your message to each platform.

So, how can your company tailor content for the platforms they desire? Here are our tips.

For the greatest impact on Facebook:

  • When posting a link on Facebook, use short, compelling descriptions to maximize your impact. This allows people to quickly decide whether or not to click.
  • Use hashtags with caution. People do not use Facebook for hashtag searches in the same way that they do on other platforms such as Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter.
  • In your posts, include links to your website or blog. Don't go overboard; limit yourself to two or three posts per week at most.
  • Post content that is localized. Include videos as well, such as how-to videos that demonstrate how to use your product or what your services entail.
  • Create a distinct profile picture and banner image for your company's Facebook page. Make certain that these assets reflect your brand identity and are easy to identify at a glance.

Your postings should have a strong visual component as Instagram is primarily a visual medium.

  • Make use of hashtags. Hashtags are extremely useful for getting your Instagram content in front of a larger audience.
  • Use Stories to your advantage. Instagram Stories allows you to promote your content to the top of the feed, where more of your followers can find you.
  • Reels should be included. Reels allows you to join the video trend by adding unique sounds and graphics. Reels, unlike Stories, remain on your feed after 24 hours.
  • Make a statement with great imagery. You can differentiate your business by focusing on high-quality images of real people doing real things.

Twitter is an excellent platform for sharing links, posting frequent updates, and connecting with media outlets and business-to-business professionals.

  • Make use of hashtags. Remember that you only have 280 characters, so choose your hashtags carefully. To help promote your brand, you can also create campaign and brand-specific hashtags.
  • Be concise. On Twitter, white space is your friend.
  • When possible, include images in your tweets.
  • Don't be pushy. In general, this isn't the best place for your promotional content. Use these posts sparingly and instead focus on providing value to your audience.
  • Make use of video. Keep these brief as well to encourage participation.

LinkedIn is a great resource for connecting businesses with new clients, business partners, and employees. Also, it's a fantastic place to share content that promotes your company.

  • Publish posts about subjects pertaining to your business and share them with your network.
  • Post provocative pieces that are relevant to your field of expertise. Write about what's happening in that area, for instance, if you're a tour operator with expertise in hiking.
  • Rejoin groups. Identify organizations that are related to your field, join them, and add value to the community. Don't bombard them with offers.
  • Make connections with people, but go slowly. As you make new connections, add them. Give a sincere greeting and offer to help. Don't launch into marketing your product immediately.

To demonstrate, here is an example of peices of content from several of our platforms and how they are catered to suit each.

Social Media

  • There is a short, compelling description to maximise impact, allowing people to quickly decide wether they want to click or not.
  • Hashtags were used with caution. No unnecessary hashtags were used, only campaign specific hashtags.
  • A link was included, leading to an article on our website promoting the Aitutaki Day Tour, a way for people to get to the location in this image.
  • The content is localized and showcases what one of the many services here in the Cook Islands can entail… aka, paradise 🙌

Social Media

  • Hashtags have been utilized with a mixture of on-topic hashtags as well as campaign hashtags.
  • A reel was used.
  • Great and interesting videography was used of real people doing real things.

Social Media

  • The subject pertains to our business - aka, it’s relevant.
  • It’s a provocative piece as sustainable tourism is always a topic of strong emotion.
  • The topic is within our field of expertise and dosn’t launch straight into marketing ourselves.

Choose your platforms wisely as a brand, and devote time to each platform individually. It is always preferable to have a single strong social media presence rather than joining multiple platforms and not giving them the attention they require.

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