Mana Tiaki Champions rewarded through Vaka Pride

Photography By
Cook Islands Tourism

The Vaka Pride programme continues marking it’s 22nd round since its launch in 2015.

This programme rewards and acknowledges individuals and community groups working towards our principles under the Mana Tiaki Value. These principles capture the essence of those who are guardians and caretakers of our environment, culture and people. This valuable programme is steered by a multi-agency committee who nominates people and groups within the community every four months who actively and continuously showcase the value of Mana Tiaki.

Sustainable Tourism Manager, Sieni Tiraa said, “Funding to the total value of $11,000 was shared amongst 12 community groups and individuals who mostly volunteer their time, energy and community spirit as Mana Tiaki champions.” Nominations for individuals and community groups under the principles of Akono I te Ao Rangi, Peu Maori and Tupuranga Tangata were chosen by the Vaka Pride committee based on their work in those respective categories.

Akono I te Ao Rangi is combined with the beautification programme managed by Internal Affairs who are also a part of the Vaka Pride committee. These community groups were rewarded because of the extra work that they do in their villages. These six community groups were each given $800 each to assist them with their extra cleaning efforts and these went to Akaoa, Murienua, Avatiu, Ruaau, Takuvaine and Tupapa.

The Peu Maori category acknowledges and rewards those who preserve and share different elements of our culture and the Tupuranga Tangata category focuses on the development of our people. Under the Peu Maori category groups were nominated and awarded $1,000 and are as follows; Mata George (a.k.a Sunshine), Korero O Te Orau, Cook Islands National Council of Women.

The Tupuranga Tangata recipients received $1,000 as well and they are Au Vaine (Woman of the month committee), Matavera/Ngatangiia Football Club and Red Cross.