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In celebration of World Tourism Day this Wednesday 27th September, Muri Environment Care (MEC) are thrilled to announce the launch of their Ecological Restoration Experience.

Developed in collaboration with Cook Islands Tourism Corporation (CIT) through their ‘Regenerative Experiences Incubator Programme’, MEC will be offering two different regenerative tourism experiences, both of which focus on building a greener, more vibrant future for the Cook Islands through environmental stewardship, sustainable tourism, and cultural preservation.

Head Ecologist at MEC, Brennan Panzarella, was excited to start welcoming visitors after months of hard-work behind the scenes; “Our Ecological Restoration Experience will invite visitors to step into a vibrant conservation initiative that offers far more than just volunteering. Guests will experience the intersection of education, ecological restoration, art, and hands-on engagement. Our project embodies creativity, a thriving plant conservation nursery, riparian and coastal restoration efforts, and an enriching education space”

Every week will offer fresh challenges and adventures, with Wednesday’s dedicated to activities at MEC’s Takitumu nursery located in Turangi, and Thursday’s seeing visitors participate in on-site planting and site maintenance in nearby streambeds or coastal areas of importance. A suggested donation of $20pp is greatly appreciated, with all proceeds directed straight back to ecological operations, and towards further development of MEC’s multi-purpose ecological education centre.

The Cook Islands Tourism team were delighted to see the launch of MEC’s visitor experiences coincide with World Tourism Day; “The Regenerative Experiences Incubator Programme aims to identify and develop opportunities for visitors to have a positive impact on our people and place”, says CIT's Director of Destination Development, Brad Kirner. “Congratulations to the MEC team who have created an exceptional visitor experience that will help preserve Rarotonga’s unique natural beauty and rich cultural heritage for generations to come. We look forward to identifying similar opportunities to help ensure that tourism brings holistic, long-term benefits to the Cook Islands”.

Muri Environment Care ‘Ecological Restoration Experience’ Highlights:

  • Starts at 9am and will finish at midday
  • Engaging in stream restoration and monitoring activities to protect Rarotonga's diverse ecosystems and support community-led conservation initiatives
  • Planting natives, tropical fruits, flowers and culturally significant Vaka plants while learning about their unique characteristics and importance to the Cook Islands
  • Discovering ancestral wisdom and the traditional uses of various plant species in traditional foods, medicine, building materials, and daily life.
  • Fostering meaningful connections with fellow volunteers, local communities, and the environment, promoting a shared responsibility for the Pacific island's protection.
  • Creating unforgettable memories and gaining a deeper understanding of the intricate relationships between Cook Islands plants, cultural heritage, and the importance of preservation for future generations.
  • To book, visit Muri Environment Care website and click ‘Join Us’ or phone +682 70599

    For media inquiries and further information, please contact:

  • Brad Kirner, Director of Destination Development, Cook Islands Tourism Corporation [email protected]
  • John Tierney, Muri Environment Care [email protected]