New moorings on the west coast

Cook Islands Tourism
Six new moorings on the west coast of Rarotonga.

In collaboration with Cook Islands Tourism, Dive Rarotonga have recently completed the installation of six new moorings on the west coast of Rarotonga. This initiative is part of a broader effort to reduce anchor damage to the reef.

The new moorings are located off the coast of the Social Centre x2, Blackrock, Sunset Resort, Edgewater Resort, and Crown Beach Resort. They are available for use by all marine operators, and are a welcome addition to the west coast of Rarotonga, which are popular dive sites when conditions are not favourable on the north side.

On October 19, Tina from Cook Islands Tourism accompanied Neil and his team from Dive Rarotonga to the installation of the sixth mooring off the coast of Edgewater Resort. She witnessed firsthand the process of fixing the moorings to the coral on the sea floor, as well as the precise system that Dive Rarotonga uses to ensure that the moorings are secure. The coordinates of the new moorings will be shared with other marine operators to ensure that they are aware of their locations.

"I was so impressed by the professionalism and dedication of the team at Dive Rarotonga," said Tina. "Their passion for protecting the Cook Islands' marine environment is evident in their work on this project."

As part of the trip, a research student studying whale songs also took the opportunity to collect her hydrophone, which was attached to a buoy not far from the installation site. The hydrophone had been in the water for 30 days and she is very excited to extract and analyse what has been recorded.

Dive Rarotonga has been instrumental in the implementation of many marine initiatives. The installation of the new moorings is just one example of the many ways in which Dive Rarotonga is working in this space. They are also involved in coral restoration projects, marine education programs, and supporting marine researchers - all with the aim of raising awareness about the importance of protecting the Cook Islands' unique and fragile marine ecosystem.