Resuscitation Courses in Aitutaki

Cook Islands Tourism
Photography By
Brent Fisher
Brent Fisher offers basic first aid and AED training in Aitutaki

Brent Fisher, a safety advocate in the Cook Islands, recently conducted Resuscitation Course sessions in Aitutaki. The course sessions covered basic first aid and AED training, which are essential skills for anyone who wants to be prepared for any emergency.

The course was well-received by the community, and participants left feeling more confident in their ability to provide support in an emergency. The response has been so overwhelming that Brent Fisher will be back in Aitutaki soon to conduct another round of training.

Brent is also available to provide dedicated training sessions that will suit your respective schedules. If you are interested in organising a dedicated session for your team, please contact Brent directly by +682 55154

Cook Islands Tourism appreciates Brent Fisher's continued service to our communities. His commitment to safety and to providing safety training is why we are committed to continuing our partnership with him.