The Return of the South Pacific Tourism Exchange

Cook Islands Tourism
Cook Islands, 18 May 2023 - Cook Islands Tourism, together with six local tourism industry partners, attended the South Pacific Tourism Exchange (SPTE) held from May 12th to 13th, 2023, in Christchurch, New Zealand. Noeline Mateariki, Director of Global Sales and Marketing, and Daniel Fisher, General Marketing Manager, represented Cook Islands Tourism, showcasing the unique appeal and diverse opportunities the destination offers to industry professionals from key source markets including New Zealand, Australia, North America, Europe, and emerging opportunities in Asia. The event marked the return of SPTE after a four-year hiatus, providing an exceptional opportunity for regional tourism partners to collaborate and promote the Pacific to a global audience. It served as a premier platform for direct marketing appointments with international wholesalers, retailers, and travel agencies.

SPTE 2023 served as a catalyst for collaboration and partnership development among tourism operators, airlines, hotels, and other industry stakeholders from SPTO's 20 Pacific Island member countries. It reignited excitement among buyers and stakeholders about the South Pacific and the Cook Islands. This opportunity was leveraged to reconnect with trade partners and discuss next steps as we continue to grow and raise awareness of the Cook Islands. During SPTE, Cook Islands Tourism conducted 33 buyer meetings, engaging with wholesalers, retailers, and travel agencies. These meetings proved invaluable in establishing connections and fostering mutually beneficial relationships within the travel trade industry.

"We are thrilled to have had the opportunity to represent the Cook Islands at SPTE 2023," said Noeline Mateariki, Director of Global Sales and Marketing. "The event provided an ideal platform to showcase the unique attributes of the Cook Islands and forge valuable connections with international travel buyers who share our passion for delivering exceptional experiences. We are confident that the exposure garnered during SPTE will contribute to the sustained growth of tourism in the Cook Islands."

Cook Islands Tourism is dedicated to further leveraging the outcomes of SPTE 2023. As part of this effort, we will develop an industry electronic direct mail (EDM) to outline the trade opportunities and partnerships identified during the event, encouraging positive collaboration within the industry.