Te Mato Manava Turoto collaborates with Titikaveka College

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Cook Islands Tourism
Tateni Korero Maori that focused on the concept of Mana Tiaki

Cook Islands Tourism (Te Mato Manava Turoto) proudly collaborated with Titikaveka College for their highly anticipated Tateni Korero Maori (Maori Speech Competition) held on Friday 22nd March 2024.

The event focused on the concept of Mana Tiaki, a Cook Islands value that emphasises guardianship and responsibility for the natural environment and cultural heritage. The Regenerative Tourism team introduced these values beforehand (13th and 15th February), which students skilfully weaved into their speeches.

20 talented students from years 7 to 11 participated, showcasing their understanding of Mana Tiaki through creative and captivating speeches. Each student uniquely incorporated the concept of entrepreneurship, making the competition a truly unforgettable experience.

Raelyn Brothers, the Head Girl, secured 1st place in the seniors category. Her speech emphasised the importance of preserving Maori language and culture, not just through words but through actions.

The competition was judged on the students' powerful and moving speeches, which often included props, traditional chants, and elements of Cook Islands language and culture. The judges found the task both challenging and rewarding.

Every student received impressive prizes, generously provided by sponsors including Cook Islands Tourism.

The Regenerative Tourism team extends their gratitude to Titikaveka College for the opportunity to educate students about Mana Tiaki. The dedication and research displayed by each participant is a testament to their commitment to preserving this important value.

Looking ahead, Term Two promises exciting developments with a focus on Organic Farming. Experts will be enlisted to help establish an organic garden that benefits both the school and the wider community.

For more information on the Mana Tiaki programme, contact Regenerative Tourism Manager Jeremy Goodwin [email protected] or Regenerative Tourism Coordinator Emma Kainuku-Walsh [email protected]