Te Vaka O Ru champions Mana Tiaki Value

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Cook Islands Tourism

Aitutaki held their awards presentation of Te Vaka O Ru on the 10th of June, to acknowledge the efforts by community groups that participated in the 17th Round for Te Vaka O Ru.

It was evident that the focus in this Round was to beautify points of interest that are frequently visited by locals/visitors and to coincide with the opening of the international borders. In addition, the Te Vaka O Ru committee would like to applaud the joint efforts by Apii Vaitau for being great custodians of the Pu Ava, (Banyan tree) a significant landmark that is no doubt an iconic point of interest on the island.  These young protectors take pride in this landmark by keeping it litter free and continue to develop it as part of their learning activities.  A fantastic Round that showcased community harmony by involving a mixture of youth groups to maintain and preserve their environment.  The effort carried out in Round 17 by all winning participants covered all categories of Akono I te Ao Rangi, Peu Maori and Tupuranga Tangata distributing awards to a total value of $6,000. For more information about this community initiative; contact Misepa Isamaela at [email protected].